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Is Mental Illness in Our Genes? My Conversation with Ben Rall, D.C.

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The Clot Shot: My Conversation with Peter Breggin, M.D.

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Flipping the Script: BMJ Article Smears Covid Vaccine Skeptics by Associating Them with Tobacco Companies

When Cigarette Companies Used Doctors to Push Smoking - HISTORY

On Tuesday 22 November , the BMJ ran an article titled “Understanding and Neutralizing Covid-19 Misinformation and Disinformation.” An entire treatise on logical fallacies could be written using nothing but examples culled from this piece.

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What about “Long Covid?”

As the evidence continues to mount for the harms and lack of efficacy of the shots, and as ever-increasing numbers of us grow tired of being governed by fear, the Mandators have one last ace in the hole to play: the specter of Long Covid.

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The Fight of Their Lives: mRNA Scientist Robert Malone Sues the Breggins for $25 Million

In a bizarre turn of events, three of the most prominent voices in the covid vaccine skeptic movement are now engaged in a life-or-death legal struggle – with each other.

On 30 October 2022, Robert Malone filed suit in the US District Court or the Western District of Virginia against husband-and-wife team Peter Roger Breggin and Ginger Breggin, seeking twenty-five million dollars in damages.

Dr. Malone is the inventor of the technology used to deliver messenger RNA to cells that formed the basis of the covid mRNA “vaccines” – although he is now a relentless critic of their deployment. Dr. Breggin, widely known as “the conscience of psychiatry,” has a long and distinguished history of speaking out against psychiatric harm. More recently, he has turned his attention to officialdom’s insanely destructive response to the covid pandemic. Along with his wife, Ginger Breggin, he is the author of COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.

Incredibly, the dispute is not about the dangers and lack of effectiveness of the mRNA “vaccines,” nor about vaccine mandates, nor safe and effective early-stage remedies for the covid, nor masks, lockdowns, school closures, nor any of the other totally nonsensical covid restrictions that have plagued human society since the pandemic began.

Rather, the dispute centers on Dr. Malone’s use of the term “mass formation psychosis” (click here and here for details – although the reader might be forgiven for feeling his eyes glaze over whilst wading through this). 

Dr. Malone has plumed himself on his connections with the deep state. “I’ve won literally billions of dollars in federal grants and contracts,” he boasted to talk show host Joe Rogan. “I’m often brought in by the NIH to serve as a study section chair for awarding 80-to-120-million-dollar contracts in vaccines and biodefense.” By contrast, Dr. Breggin has written:

Although we often spend more than half our week on reform work, we never take money for it and instead finance it ourselves. Over the years, I have earned most of my income from doing individual and couples therapy, helping people withdraw from psychiatric drugs, and offering medical expert testimony and consultations.

It’s not hard to guess who has deeper pockets here.

The Breggins are not the only ones on Team Reality who have been the targets of Dr. Malone’s ire. He dismissed Peter McCullough, author of The Courage to Face COVID-19 (as well as over seven hundred papers in the National Library of Medicine) as a dispenser of “overpriced nutraceuticals,” and had this to say about Alex Berenson (author of Pandemia and the former New York Times reporter who blew the whistle on Eli Lilly’s blockbuster drug Zyprexa):

Not sure where to put Alex on the political spectrum, perhaps he represents those who are “on the spectrum” in a different sense.

This sort of juvenile invective seems jarringly discordant with the image of the Great Man Dr. Malone seems to be trying to cultivate for himself.

On a personal note: I heard Dr. Malone speak at the meeting of the Expert Panel convened by Senator Ron Johnson, and I was impressed. (Here’s the link to my blog post on the meeting, which got me kicked off Medium.) I cannot imagine what he thinks he is accomplishing here.

There is no direct evidence (as some have suggested) that Dr. Malone is part of some kind of sinister “controlled opposition.” But using the legal system to try to crush two of the most steadfast opponents of covid insanity seems like a bizarre way to try to prove otherwise.

Anyone perusing the writings of Dr. Malone could be forgiven for concluding this is a man struggling with anger issues. An article in the Atlantic stated that he once emailed Katalin Karikó (the biochemist who made one of the key discoveries enabling the development of mRNA “vaccines”), accusing her of dispensing “bogus information” to reporters, adding ominously “This is not going to end well.” (Malone denied that he intended that remark as a threat.)

The Breggins’ record speaks for itself – half a century of collating medical evidence, comforting the afflicted, and speaking truth to power, beginning with their opposition to psychosurgery in the 1970’s, Dr. Breggin’s testimony in Fentress v Lilly (which exposed the deception the drugmaker employed in bringing Prozac to market), and their numerous books, culminating in COVID-19 and the Global Predators which covered not just the problems with the mRNA “vaccines” but also the overinflation of the death toll caused by covid, the destruction wrought by lockdowns and associated restrictions, the suppression of safe and effective treatments for early-stage covid, the uselessness of masks, the death toll that followed a governor’s decision to place thousands of patients with fulminating illness into nursing homes, and much more.

The Breggins also have a long and distinguished record of standing up for free markets and a strong America, and they were leading the charge against covid insanity whilst most of us (myself included) were still lacing up our shoes. Now, at the ages of seventy-one (Ginger) and eighty-six (Peter), the Breggins find themselves engaged in a lawsuit that has the power to destroy them. To donate to their legal fund, go to GiveSendGo.

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