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World Vision: giving Ghanaian women a second chance


The Witches’ Camp at Kpatinga provides sanctuary for women who have been forced to flee their homes because of accusations of witchcraft. World Vision Ghana provides support for these women in an effort to help them improve their lot. (more…)


The serial killer as star


The era of the Serial-Killer-As-Star coincided almost perfectly with my formative years, which may explain a lot. (more…)

“Our tragedies often start before we are born”

Flickering candle

Our tragedies often start before we are born” – Joan Bennett, in character as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard from Dark Shadows


 Over 40 years ago, a no-good punk and would-be grave robber named Willie Loomis pried open a coffin, a hand reached out and grabbed him by the throat — and a pop culture icon was born. (more…)

Return to Molé National Park


Tuesday 13 March 2012: We departed at the ungodly hour of five AM and drove all day long, stopping at Kintampo Falls to take in the scenery. (more…)

In search of Aboatia Part 2


After we had finished our would-be whale-watching excursion, I ran two miles along the beach in fourteen minutes and five seconds. Daniel accompanied me on the way out, but he got tuckered out and had to walk back. Then, after a refreshing dip in the Gulf of Guinea to cool off, we were on our way. (more…)

The flying fish of Nzema


The flying fish constitute the family Exocoetidae, which contains over 50 species. They are gliders rather than true flyers, although a Japanese film crew recorded one specimen taking to the air for forty-five seconds, which is pretty good for a fish. They are found in warm and temperate waters all over the world, including the Gulf of Guinea. (more…)

The sea turtles of Nzema


The turtles constitute the Order Chelonia, which is generally believed to be the sister group of all other living reptiles. The oldest undisputed stem-group turtle, Odonotochelys semitestacea, appears in the fossil record some 220 million years ago.


The name literally means “half-shelled turtle with teeth,” and that’s a pretty good description of what it was. There is no agreement among scientists as to what sort of ancestor they came from, although a favorite candidate is Pareiasaurus, a bison-sized beast that lived over 250 million years ago.


Just as they have for millions of years, the sea turtles still haul out of the ocean and lay their eggs on the beaches of the Gulf of Guinea, although there are fewer and fewer of them each year. (more…)